You are Looking Flushed My Dear

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 22 Mar 2008 18:19
Yesterday's monologue resulted in some email comments from near and far.
Storyteller was very prompt with the following:
We have enjoyed you monologue so much that we thought it deserved an appropriate title. Here are some suggestions:

Ship of Stools
Getting One's Own Back
Don't Shout at Me!
Colonic Irrigation
Plumbing the Depths
Pan Pan
You are Looking Flushed My Dear
Hardening of the Farteries

It deserves to be published in a Sailing Magazine

Cheers, John
PS we just lost a marlin 30 metres from the boat (thank God)!
Helen Campbell comments:
And you want me to come sailing with you! You have got to be joking. There is no way after reading that last log!

Mind you I didn't understand any of it again except that you had to clean out a lot of your stuff from a pipe. Right? At least you had something constructive to do and weren't just slothing around reading, eating, drinking on the blue pacific. Really! We are supposed to feel for you????????
And Brian Robertson Cmd. RAN(retired) and other gongs says:
Have just read your kidney stone saga and obviously with my vast
experience at sea you would expect me to make a comment or offer some
advice, well I will.  Hallucination is a problem but can be managed by
careful treatment - keep up your fluids up and for a dose of reality
abuse Irene - that always works !!
Had the MPS up all day yesterday and started to gain some lost time. A late forecast yesterday suggested that we gybe north which we did just after dark and had a really good night with lots of westing in it for about 6 hours which really stood us in good stead, however just before dawn today we had to start the motor and have been motoring ever since. The trades are supposed to come back later today, fingers crossed.
672nm to go!