Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Fri 11 Apr 2008 05:46
Rotoava, Fakarava Atoll, Tuamotus          16:03S 145:37W 
From our daughter Gabby in New Zealand we received;
"The correct term for the she/he is fafafini, they have so many over here
it's not funny; it is a huge custom throughout the pacific islands. All the
tourists think they are gay but they are just very girly."
We  have been here for the past few days and have done nothing! At all! Sunday night we found a great restaurant  but it was very expensive so only paid the one visit while we have been here. Great Boulangerie close by and breakfasts have been fresh hot French baguette or croissants with cold tomato, cheese etc and the mangos have been sensational. They have a lot smaller pip that the ones at home and so you get a heck of a lot more 'meat' on them. Also we have done the traditional 'island thing' and purchased a whole branch of bananas which ripen a few each day so breakfast fruit is plentiful. Also some great pain chocolate!
Visited a pearl farm and it was interesting to see the deft hands of the 'grafters' inserting the small ball of mother of pearl into the muscle part of the oyster so that it will be coated with pearl over two or three years. I'll post some pictures when I get to a wifi station in Tahiti.
I6t's only 250nm to Moorea so we leave tonight at 02:00 in the morning so that after a day and a half sailing we arrive during the afternoon with plenty of sunlight left to negotiate the reef.
We are booked into Marina Taina in Tahiti and we expect they have wifi so will post the pictures then.