Now we are a fuel tanker!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Wed 27 Feb 2008 17:40
And we deliver! Got a call at around 08:00 this morning from an Italian 28' yacht 'EVASIONE'. 'Annemare' one of the WARC fleet had tried to refuel her but could not get fuel from their tanks. We arrived at 01:09S 87:48W at 11:30 and the crew off Evasione floated their drums over to us on a long line, we filled them and returned them the same way. Took only about 15 minutes to do the job and they were most generous. When I checked what they had sent over, they had paid double for the fuel and a nice bottle of red. Will have to make change in the Galapagos.
A lot of our fleet have been using up lots of fuel as we have had a negative current against us the whole way so far. A three day trip is turning into a fourth night and a half day tomorrow.
Saw a large manta ray jumping and slamming the sea with it's wings, a mob of dolphins rounding up a large school of tuna, a report from Kealoha of a dead whale about 50 feet long and we still haven't caught anything.
No wind, Irene is hanging laundry on the aft deck and Lorraine is making sweet corn fritters for lunch!
Thank you to Helen C for looking up the Ocean of Storms and the answers to R are:
Riga                     Latvia
Rangoon             Myanmar
Road Town         Tortola British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)
Roseau (Rosso)   Dominica (Island in the Caribbean)
Rabat                  Morocco
Rome                  Italy
Reykjavik             Iceland
Riyadh                 Saudi Arabia
Rarotonga             Cook Islands (This is a new one to me!)
The tanker!
The fuel transfer! A tiny boat.