Towrads the Ecuador coast 14th Feburary. 01:50N 79:59W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Thu 14 Feb 2008 17:46
Not a lot to report since yesterday. The fish tasted great for dinner last night and we have so much of mahi mahi it will be the staple diet until we land.
The radio sched at 12:00 yesterday was interesting. 'Blue Flyer', one of our number was boarded by Columbian Coast Guard during the previous night. Must have been terrifying as it is sometimes difficult to tell the baddies from the goodies and to have shouts, lights, guns and fast approaching motor boats is not much fun. All the fleet was also in pouring rain but as we were a day or two behind it hadn't caught up with us at that time.
Lots of rain during the night but no wind. We are now doing calculations to see if we have enough fuel to  motor all the way. Didn't hear anyone on today's sched as we are spread out over a lot of ocean.
We log our position daily by email so Cowes know where we are daily.
Motoring into a lumpy sea and lucky if we are making 5.5 knots SOG.
Hope we have a better report tomorrow.
John & Irene