The Sun's out!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Mon 16 Jun 2008 23:12
19:16S 177:54W Noon 17th June 2008.
Nothing much happened since yesterday. Last night was a bit fluky and the wind was from the ENE and not the ESE as forecast. Around 02:00 we rolled the gear in and turned the motor on once again. Wind got around to 54°M at one stage.
Irene and I seem to handle the two on and two off regime after we have settled into it so no problems there although after three nights we will be a bit tired.
Although we have passed the international date line and are now in the same day as Australia and New Zealand, we have a few miles to go to cross the 180° parallel. That will happen sometime tonight I think.
Been doing a little figuring. Departed Turkey a couple of years ago at 30° East and when we return to Sydney at 150° East we will have covered two thirds of the world's oceans. Not a complete circumnavigation but enough for these two little black ducks!
Kealoha has just caught a Mahi Mahi so we are inspired to put out a line and see what we can do.
More tomorrow