We are back in the eastern hemisphere!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 17 Jun 2008 23:11

19:18S 179:04E We are back in the eastern hemisphere!

'The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness'  - Joseph Conrad

Last night was calm and easy, lightish winds from just south of east at around 12 knots so a bit slow. Storyteller was within a couple of miles all night however Kealoha at 72 feet makes about an extra  half to a knot over us so was about 4 hours ahead this morning.
Irene and I are managing the 2 on 2 off regime ok although I must admit after 2 hours hard sleep it is difficult to rise and shine.
Satellite communication by email is an amazing thing. During this leg I have had Brian Molloy in the UK, (who provided the quote above) source a new belt for the Facnor furler to be sent to Musket Cove, Fiji and Dessalator, our water maker manufacturer I have been in correspondence with both in France and NZ. They are shipping a spare pulley to my brother Steve in NZ so he can deliver it when he visits in August.
Been a good trip so far and if the wind holds then we should be off Navala Passage around noon tomorrow and in Lautoka Harbour 3 or 4 hours after that. Probably just too late to check in and will have to anchor off until Friday morning.