The Green Flash - I don't think so!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Wed 22 Oct 2008 01:59
35:19S 174:07E
Didn't happen again! Rumour has it that as the sun sinks below the horizon, and with a clear sky, there is a green flash just after the sun disappears. Well I reckon I have done over 50,000 ocean miles and I've never seen it and tonight was no exception. I don't think it exists!!!
It is Tuesday night October 21st and we have just passed the Three Kings Islands about 45nm north west of North Cape of New Zealand where we should be around 02:00 tomorrow.
Had our last radio sched with Des at Opua Offshore Radio and he said he would contact Customs to let them know we would be in around noon tomorrow. Bob is in the galley, heating up another of Irene's great pre-prepared meals together with mashed spuds, beans topped and tailed by Geoff, kumara and I think bock choy. I am going to open a fine Bordeaux and it has the makings of a great evening. Not a cloud in the sky and we think we can see North Cape through the sea mist. More tomorrow.
04:00 22/10/08
We are abeam KariKari Light and there is not a cloud in the sky, a waning moon, the Southern Cross marks the way South and the odd target on the radar keeps popping up to let me know that there is other traffic out there. Off to port a fishing boat appeared out of no where, a blaze of lights, and then 5 minutes later disappeared, he had warned us of his position. Fantastic night sky full of stars!
12:15 22/10/08 tied up to the quarantine dock at Opua. Will be here for a couple of nights and then south to Tutukaka and on to Auckland this weekend.
There will be another blog in a day or two.
JH _/)