Southern Princess ARC day 2 25:03N 19:26W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 27 Nov 2007 12:05
I think it is going to be hard to write a daily blog as not much happens at sea. 24 hours is a long time! Interesting that 243 boats started in this rally and most of the time we are alone. Saw a couple of mast head lights last night and this morning came within a few miles of another yacht but after he got his spinnaker up he was off.
Spoke with Storyteller this morning on the VHF so they can't be too far away.
Interesting how much motoring we did in the Mediterranean. Didn't really understand the limitations of the 12v battery system. It is easy in hindsight, we have 110amps of 12v power which have a useable amount of 55amps. When all the navigation gear and the chart plotters are on we draw 6.5amps per hour so we have enough power for about 8 hours before we have to charge again. But with the chart plotters off we only draw around 2amps so that;s what we are doing. Only turn them on now and again for loading in way points.
Leather binding to save sheets from chafe. I am learning a whole new skills base! Twin headsails with the poles NOT back on the mast but into a universal twistle which allows both poles to act as a yard and swivel around without transferring the yaw and twist back onto the yacht. It makes for an easier ride. They say! We are still playing rock & roll!
More tomorrow!
John & Irene & Justin