An Island to Oneself

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 27 May 2008 22:16
13:18S 163:10W
Suwarrow or Suvorov a lonely atoll in the middle of the Pacific where Tom Neale spent about 6 years of his life in the 1950's all by himself an wrote a book of his experiences "An Island to Oneself" great read!
We arrived at 11:00 today, an easy entry through the fringing reef passage and are now anchored in the lee of Anchorage Island. We are 14 yachts in the anchorage and Tom Carter the caretaker from Rarotonga (4 months a year) is going to welcome us ashore with a pot luck dinner. Apparently there is a working generator so light and power is not a problem.
The last 36 hours has been champagne sailing with yesterday and the MPS up most of the day and wing on wing last night. Our weather forecast to Niue is great so the potential problem we had with not much fuel might have gone away we hope.
Had another fish hit us this morning at such a speed that it took the lure, trace and a section of 200lb breaking strain line.
Day or two before the next log.
John & Irene
Chip filleting the Mahi Mahi he caught yesterday.
Irene baked some for dinner last night. Beautiful!
Suwarrow (Suvorov) not quite to oneself!