And now there is a third dog!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Mon 20 Oct 2008 22:32
33:11S  171:28E.
We are now 107nm to North Cape and will arrive in Opua around early afternoon Wednesday 22nd October 2008
Our constant correspondent Helen Campbell gives an explanation to yesterday's subject matter!
"Three Dog Night
It refers to being cold. Often when ranchers or cowboys were out on the
range they would have to sleep with their dogs to keep warm. A one dog night
was a night when he had to share body heat with one dog, two dog night was
two dogs and a three dog night was an extremely cold night where he would
have to share body heat with three dogs. "how cold was it on your trip?" "It
was a three dog night".
Good thing she did as my Kiwi crew didn't understand my attempt at humour. Maybe I should have said 'sheep'.
We are in the centre of a big high, with about 4 knots of wind from the north, flat and sometimes glassy seas, motoring along at just over 7 knots.
Irene's food has been well received and we have been well feed. Thanks darl.
That's all for today and will sign off tomorrow as we arrive in Opua.
JH _/)