Southern Princess Day 13 12z 16:28N 51:56W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 8 Dec 2007 12:01
We have had a good 24 hours and the boom is holding up well so far. Justin & I kept the boat moving fast all night and we rolled off lots of miles although some of it was too far south.

We are in the middle of a lot of thunder storm and squall activity and sometimes the ride is quite exhilarating with yacht speed up to 11 & 12 knots regularly and Justin topped 16 knots during his shift.

Caught another mahi mahi yesterday so fish again for dinner last night.

As I write this we have 540 nautical miles to go which should put us into St Lucia early Tuesday, Neptune and the other gods of the sea permitting.

Big Bang on deck, back in a minute or two!

Talk about a huge wind shift. A storm cell has just gone over us and we are currently in the eye and the wind is quartering the compass. Taken all sails in except for a pocket handkerchief main and under motor until the wind strength and directions settles down.

Been lots of damage reports from other yachts. One has a rudder problem and if the can't fix it they are going to need extra fuel to get to St Lucia. That will be an effort to transfer fuel in a sea like this. A cruise ship is rendezvousing with another yacht to take off a crewman, unconscious from a bang on the head by the boom. Hasn't recovered consciousness. Not good. Flares sited by another yacht but nothing to see.

Wind still going around in circles. Talk to you tomorrow.