Come on Huey send us a little wind!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 20 Apr 2010 01:46
Well! What a fuss some correspondents created cause the last blog was late! Well I found it still in the out box; don't know why it was still there however dispatched it pronto this morning.

Position 12:00 Sydney time 20th April 2010. 33:41S 157:59E

334.5 Nautical miles to go.

Boring Boring Boring. No wind what so ever, well a few zephyrs here and there but nothing to sail by. Seas calm and while not glassy, they are getting that way.

Ryan caught a fish this morning, a striped tuna also known as a skip jack we think. We are going to try it for lunch as sushimi. And no frozen vodka!

Electircals are running fine and yesterdays solution worked a treat.

Had to reduce the engine revs to 1500 to conserve fuel some more as we have just enough to make it we think. Arrival time has been pushed back to Thursday evening, however Customs are open 24/7 at Neutral Bay so we can check in as we arrive. Maybe we can stay alongside until morning, if not we can anchor out and take her into Rushcutters Bay early Friday. We are only making 6.0 knots SOG while our speed through the water is 6.5knts so it looks like even the currents are conspiring against us!

That's it for this one.

John Hunt
Southern Princess _/)
Trans Tasman