Southern Princess Day 3 12z 24:02N 21:57W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Wed 28 Nov 2007 12:00
G'day the following are some extracts from the Log. You might have to put up with this as nothing much is happening.
A few mates have queried the course we have taken. There is a wind shadow cast down wind from Gran Canaria and we had been advised to go 100 klms south before heading west. Well this goose misread it and we went 100 nautical miles south (around 200klms) before heading south west.
Raymarine went from Auto to Standby twice in a few minutes. Could it have been a power drop when inverter was pulling 90amps for the kettle?
Twistle fully rigged and pulling well. Wind from 045m at 8knts over the deck. Seas with some white caps. Boat speed 6+knots and course 252m
Busy few hours. Raymarine went from auto to standby without us noticing and we came around to 130m (read this as 130 degrees magnetic) and back winded the port poled out genoa with spectacular results. Took a half hour to get gear down and stowed and back on course. Whilst this was going on the beak in the starboard pole let go and now we had two poles to deal with. Spent next 2.5 hours with wind on the stb quarter, port genoa with no pole and stb genoa 2/3rds rolled out and pole back to mast. Pilot went from Auto to Standby once more during this period.
Yacht lights about 5nm west disappeared as though they had been turned off! Maybe they changed course and disappeared over the horizon. Our course 245m, wind over the deck 7.7knts 060m and boat speed 5.5knts. Seas calm under moonlight. Phosphorescence displays from two pods of dolphins. The dolphins race through the water trailing this ghostly phosphorescence trail. Any one who saw 'Starlight Express' will remember the cast racing around the set on roller  blades in complete darkness with each costume lighted with thousands of twinkly electric lights, well it is not as good as watching dolphins swing by to say hullo.
Had enough of the sloppy rock & roll. Started main engine 2500rpm and headed for farther waypoint at 17:30N 35:00W at distance of 875nm.
24:04.191N     21:40.488W
Ran engine 3.8 hours. Wind from 062m at 12-15 knots. SOG 7.2knts COG 271m. Seas still lumpy! Full main and genoa poled to stb.
We have a weather planner in Western Australia who is great at weather forecasting and route planning and today we received an update from Bruce giving us another way point of 23:00N and 30:00W as he is expecting light winds from Sunday and he is trying to position us (Storyteller & Southern Princess) in the right place to take advantage of what winds there might be.
No pictures today.