Net Controller

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Thu 13 Mar 2008 18:50
06:26S 99:18W

Today we had to act as net controller where we did the roll call of all
the yachts and their positions. The fleet is getting strung out so we can't
hear all of them and so the positions are relayed up and down the fleet.

Ships Log for 12th March.
Heading 252° COG 248° BTW 257° SOG 5.8 knots Wind 109°  WOD 10.0 knots
Turned motor off at 06:15 and following Bruce's advice have now headed 260°
T or 252°M. The winds are trades? at 10 - 12 knots. They must get better for
us to make any headway. Last night we motored at  230° to get below 6:15S as
recommended. We is here but the wind is not! Buckets of rain however and the yacht is very clean.

Ships Log for 13th March
Heading 257° COG 25° BTW 257° SOG 7.0 knots Wind 113°  WOD 9.0 knots
Distance run last 24 hours = 151nm. Today we are the net controller. Seems
we are in the trades and we have had one minor squall with lots of rain this
We are still sailing in company with Storyteller and it is always nice to have a set of lights nearby during the dark hours.
Hope the trades pick up otherwise it will be a slow ride to Hiva Oa.