In the Poo; AGAIN!

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sat 17 Apr 2010 00:12
Position: 33:29S 167:52E And we have 827nm to go.

Been a B awful 24 hours.

Sailing quite nicely yesterday on a beam reach, Ryan spotted a whale, who fortunately ignored us as he/she was only a couple of boat lengths away heading north. And that was it really! No fish even!

The wind moved further into the east and dropped out so motor on again to stop the sails slatting. Horrors the 12v alternator light won't go out. The alternator is not working and we can't immediately find anything wrong with it. Have a spare on board or we can use the genset to charge the 12v bank of batteries.

AND the day head poo tank is blocked up and not emptying into the ocean. Been prodding away with all sorts of stuff to no avail. Really need some harpic I think.

Yes darling I cleaned up with lots of detergent.

Currently motoring at 6.5 knots with engine revs at 1700 to save fuel. 1700rpm is the best engine speed for maximum range, so it will take us a bit longer than expected to get to Sydney.

Everything else OK and ship shape.


John Hunt
Southern Princess _/)
Trans Tasman
Departed NZ 15/4/10 and
expect to be in Sydney 22/4/10