Southern Princess Day 8 12z 20:27N 37:28W

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Mon 3 Dec 2007 12:04
The ARC Control people really do a great job. Apart from daily weather reports and position reports for all the yachts in the Rally, they direct and assist rescues at sea. See report below. Well done the ARC Control Team and the crew of GiGi.
At approximately 12:30UTC 01-12-07 at position 18.59N 32.25W, yacht GiGi (119) picked
up a Mayday call from yacht Barbary Duck (not participating in the ARC), advising that the crew were in a liferaft. GiGi immediately stopped racing to alter course and assist the crew of the other yacht, approximately half a nautical mile from them, and the two crew members on Barbary Duck were safely brought on board.

The yacht had suffered broken deck chain-plates and was in danger of dismasting. Without a functioning engine, the crew took the precaution of abandoning their yacht, which has been left afloat, but with masthead tricolour one.
Yacht Barbary Duck, 36 foot Westerly Corsair, is now adrift heading approximately 265 degrees, last reported position 18 58.20N 032 31.818W at 13:00UTC 01-12-07.

GiGi has now resumed racing and is on course once more for St.Lucia.
Had a great 24 hours, been on the same tack, same gear, same wind, same course, same old same old.
Fishing line out for the first time this morning so fingers crossed.
Crew all well and rested. We are running informal watches during the day and Justin & I take 3 on 3 off for the dark hours. Plenty of time to snooze during the day.
Hope something happens later that I can talk about tomorrow.