Ode to a Weatherman from Storyteller

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Tue 1 Apr 2008 20:55
Atuona, Hiva Oa       09:48S 139:02W
A Good Rap for Bruce
(To be recited while jumping up and down)

There's a wizard in the west
With a bag of wind.
Going sailing? Email him!
He's your man with a plan
For your tack and your track
He's your eye in the sky
Wind spy -- no lie
This cat is spruce, he's cool, he's loose.
Going sailing? Email Bruce.

Bruce, we're sailing east to west
Just send winds that are the best.
Trade winds, laid winds, squalls and blows
Please Bruce, nothing on the nose!
Keep up!  Head deeo! We're falling back!
Wind now dropping, need to tack.
Take up the slack!  Now wind is back!
But 10 knots, Wind Guru, just won't do.
Send a text, a prayer, a fax.
Push some buttons and fix our tracks.

Crystal gazing,playing ball
This sleek geek's crazy - knows it all.
He's pumping numbers, grinding graphs
With Bruce 'on board'  we all relax
Magnetic. Compass. He's true blew.
The man with a plan and our sail in his mail.
The wise man from the west is the best.
This dude is cool and really loose
Going sailing?  Email Bruce!

Rosemary of "Storyteller"

We arrived safely from our long crossing in just under 17 days so while it was a longer trip that the Atlantic it only took an extra 24 hours. Hiva Oa harbour is no great place. Big roll and you have to use a stern anchor to get all the yachts into the bay. Big surge running at the dock so lots of scrambling to get ashore, stern anchor also required on the dinghy. Had a great impromptu party one night at a local restaurant before working out the correct exchange rate for the PCF (francs) and when I finally worked the bill out a couple of days later had a bloody heart attack! Talk about expensive but it was a fun night.
Departed Hiva Oa and went to Hanamenu Bay on Tahuata Island just south of Hiva Oa for a night and then headed the 75nm to Nuku-Hiva.