Guess who is getting married?

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Fri 4 Apr 2008 23:12
Enroute Nuku Hiva to Tuamotus                        11:54S    141:09W
After getting brushed against (Lorraine) and stung (JH) while swimming in water we couldn't see into we all decided to head for the Tuamotus and at noon yesterday we got underway. Decided to set our watches to Tahiti time UTC -10 which has resulted in early evenings and very early mornings, the sun was up today at 04:45.
The last 24 hours we have done 217nm, the best ever, and at a time when we don't really need speed. We departed at 12:00 using an estimated daily run of 175nm so that we could arrive in the Tuamotus during daylight hours. If we keep up this speed we are going to have to heave to for a few hours until the sun gets up Sunday morning.
Lorraine used February 29th to mail a postcard to Craig asking him to get married and he has accepted. They are going to get married in Bora Bora early next month. Craig is joining us in Tahiti and sailing with us to Bora Bora.
The weather is superb, we have a broad reach and 15 knots of winds and the yacht is just humming along. Lie's GREAT!