No Wind again

Southern Princess
John & Irene Hunt
Sun 1 Jun 2008 21:47
14:51s 165:03W
Departed Suwarrow at 10:00 yesterday, Saturday 31st May heading for Niue. Motored the first few hours then a little wind filled in. Under normal circumstances we would have continued motoring however we will have trouble getting fuel in Niue due the heavy swell from the south. A swell from this direction makes the jetty untenable sp we are lolloping along at 4-5knots under a flapping mainsail and a soft MPS (Gennecker) in a lumpy sea and it's not much fun.
Chip caught another Mahi Mahi this morning which was about 4' 6" long (1.5M) and yielded some very nice fillets. Enough for two or three meals at least.
The weather forecast is not good with us slowly overtaking a line of thunderstorms which if we hit the worst of them might be a bit hairy!
At this speed we still have 3 days to go and we are all hoping for some settled trade winds soon.