last night in Cairns 5th Jan

Fri 6 Jan 2012 08:57
Met a nice chap in the camp kitchen but he had a sad story.  He and his wife are semi retired, they travel around Australia taking photos of towns for their website,  They have the full time care of their 6 year old granddaughter, who has a chromosome abnormality and is virtually unable to learn.  I met her briefly, a pretty little girl, I don’t think she had any speech.  The man was very eager to chat and show his pictures!  I think they found life quite trying.  I wonder where their daughter/son is?
There was an awful row going on last night and the night before for several hours – about 4 people yelling,s creaming, shouting “you f.......... “, it didn’t sound like anyone being attacked , it sounded like drunks.  We told the campsite lady this morning, and she scowled and said “aboriginals; it’s their culture".  If you called the police they would do nothing, or arrive the next day”.  That’s a shame, we had the im pression Cairns was a happier place.