more news from Steph, after dinner Friday 1st April

Fri 1 Apr 2011 19:55
I am starting to get the hang of this now, so i will try a bit more. 
Dachau â from Munich we went to the Dachau memorial, which, as Sandy has mentioned is now much more sanitised than it was when he visited it on his overland trip on the bus in the 70âs.  Thereâs a big car park full of tour buses & school trips, a visitor centre and museum.  So, I thought it would be all very historical.  But I was quite wrong.  It was horrible.  What affected me most was a massive sculpture in black metal, depicting just a mass of emaciated bodies all intermingled, straining and reaching out stick like arms and hands.  Horrible.  I am glad to have been there, it was quite an education.
Anyway, we moved on from there to Vienna, which is beautiful. Our town campsite was lovely and we would have had a whole day in Vienna but on the way in, we popped into a car place to try to get the aircon working.  That turned into a tour of industrial estates and entailed meeting lots of (mostly helpful) people and seeing the alternative Vienna, of Chinese pound shops and tatoo parlours and high rise housing (like Bethnal Green, Robyn).  Spent 75 euros but didnât get the car fixed!  We did get to Vienna in the afternoon & did the more conventional touristy stuff.
And now weâre in Hungary, and itâs time for bed.  SO I will just go and get my 20 layers on. xxxx