just to put you in the picture

Wed 20 Apr 2011 15:55
This will be a quick blog as we are drowning our sorrows.
The court case was today.  We have got a fine, and we are getting our car and money back, which is really good.   BUT we canât have our car back till at least 4th May.  This puts all our visas out of date, even the Kazakhstan one, which we have already renewed. 
So, tonight we are in a flat in Odessa, which is tiny and not very well equipped.  We complained that the cooker doesnât work, but were told âwell, people do not usually hire this flat to do cookingâ (use your imagination). We also donât have English TV,  nor internet, so if we want to use internet we have to go to a bar.
We will pick ourselves up tomorrow.  Odessa is an interesting port and thereâs loads of sightseeing we can do for 2 weeks, and the weather has improved.  We might have to go and buy some shorts, cos we have 2 pairs of long trousers & 2 jumpers and anoraks here, thatâs all â it was freezing when we arrived. Now at long last itâs warming up.
We are in the news!! Local newspaper & TV headline splash!! âGeriatric currency smugglers strike againâ!! We are being recognised in the street!!
We think we will go down to Turkey, Georgia & Greece & do some serious chillin after we escape from here.  If anyone has SAS contacts, please let us know.  And all messages of encouragement will be gratefully received,
Luv S & S