AKP a different opinion

Sun 12 Jun 2011 07:09
38:38.40N 34:49.65E
Goreme. Cappadoccia
In the interest of balance as Radio 4 would say.
Today we met Mehmet who teaches English and Italian and is a tour guide when he’s not at school. His believes the AKP to be the best thing since sliced bread. They have reduced inflation from over 40% to less and 7%, improved the roads and made Turkey into a Country that demands respect on the international stage. According to him, the CHP and MHP are lying when they say that the AKP wants to change Turkey into a Muslim State and that this lie has been doing the rounds since the AKP came to power 10 years ago and of course nothing of the sort has happened. The AKP want to join the EU but it is a long way from being a priority because the problem over Cyprus will not go away anyway looking at the problems of the Euro Zone why get involved. Their priority is to continue the development of Turkey.
So what is really the true situation we haven’t the faintest idea.