Sailing from Marmaris

Mon 6 Jun 2011 08:16
Monday must be June 7th?
Marmaris 35.24 N   38.96 E
This part of Turkey is stunning.  The Mountains go straight down into the sea and the water is turquoise.  We had 4 days of camping in a woodland site on the seashore, and then a week of sailing with Neil and Clare on a flotilla.  It was great to see faces from home, and we’ve had a really amazing week.  Steph has had people to talk to!!! We also met up with Martin  from Pilley Hill (half of Lymington seems to be in Turkey).  I am going to do a plug for Neilson Holidays because they have been hugely helpful with the car while we were away and did an oil change for us. 
Going for a little swim now before our mates leave for their flight home.  More news when we have got some pictures.