bit more from Stef

Fri 1 Apr 2011 20:06
Friday 1st April, after dinner.
i am starting to get the hang of this now.  Bit more about Dachau.  Sandy remembered visiting Dachau on his overland trip from Kathmandu in the early 70âs, he said it looked just as though everyone had just moved out and left it as it was.  Itâs not like that now, at all, it has a big car park full of tour buses with school parties from Germany and many other countries,  and a visitor centre and museum.  So I expected it to be all very sanitised and historical.  I was very wrong, it is horrible.  The part that probably affected me most of all was a massive sculpture in black metal, itâs just a tangled mass of emaciated bodies straining and reaching out.  So that was quite an education.