The Court

Thu 5 May 2011 20:35
The court is an interesting place.  It has loads of little admin rooms, which all courts do, I am sure.  Ours was room 107 which is civil something or other.  Room 109 is Kriminal something, fortunately not us.
The bank room is very small and when you get to the counter you have to go up a step to the counter, but because of the crowds, when you leave the counter you cant see the floor, you just have to remember and not fall down the step.  Not good for old ladies with 2 walking sticks.  The sign says they take all credit cards but actually they dont, so when you get to the front of the queue you get sent outside to the ATM to get the money to pay your fine.  You also need a Ukranian passport to pay your fine, or you need someone in the queue to lend you one.  This causes confusion when you hand in your papers because the name of the person on the passport appears on your receipt.
There are little old ladies in headscarves and old chaps everywhere, many looking as confused as us. I noticed one old couple, the lady was hobbling along on really swollen legs, and the chap had a foot that was completely rolled on its side so that he walked on his ankle, trying to negotiate the steps.  I wonder what all these old folks are there for? Our interpreter suggested they are there to receive money, not to pay it.  I hope so.
We are not sure what the previous conviction on the court document was all about.  Apparently Sandy was here in 2010 and did some customs offence then.  When we pointed out we have never been to Ukraine before they said it must be a typing error.  So they retyped the record without that bit in it.