Monday 16 May 2011, Istanbul

Mon 16 May 2011 17:00
Today we booked ourselves on a cityhop on hop off bus tour but it got
stuck in traffic early on, so we hopped off and happened upon a ferry
terminal that was going to Princes Islands. These are 4 islands in the Sea
of Marmara. We thought it would be about 10 minutes cos it was very cheap,
but it was 1 and a half hours to the big island. A guy at the ferry
terminal gave us his restaurant card and said Come to Kapri, we will give
you discount, so we went there for lunch and they instantly went off us when
we only wanted a light lunch and not one of their sell by the gram whole
fishes. We took a quick walk around the island as the ferry was about to go
back. It smelt funny! We found out why, when we discovered all the horses
and carts (there are no cars) assembled in the main square - hundreds of
them - along with numerous skips of horse dung.

We raced back to the ferry and were entertained most of the way back by a
group of about 20 young girls doing raucous singing with lewd actions, and a
kind of Zorba's dance. It was like rugby songs but they were all pretty little girls. Some of them were really modestly dressed in
headscarves and long coats (on a very hot day) but it didn't seem to deter

Then Stef got confused and got off the ferry on the Asian side leaving Sandy
to complete the trip. If you have a look at a map of Istanbul you will see
that this is a bit daft. A bit of drama with mobile phones running out of
power followed, but you'll be relieved to know that we are now safely in a
roof terrace restaurant 2 mins from our hotel with a glass of red wine. We
were helped by a lovely lady from Odessa of all places! and we were also
able to reinstate our bus tour for tomorrow. So all's good.
entertained for hours!!

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Hey S&S,
Any email from you that involves exclamation marks and the words "well good"
are a positive sign! Glad you guys are enjoying it over there. Quite
different from the Ukraine I'd imagine.
Sorry it's been quiet from this end, missing the skype chats. Jen and I are
feeling a bit strange that we're getting on a plane for the UK on Thursday
night. We've been busy trying to squeeze stuff in before this short trip o/s
with the intention that when we get back we're arriving back in to town with
a different outlook and reason for it than the last time we landed. This
next one is the "normal life and wedding" phase, which we're looking forward
We had a couple of friends over for a really nice dinner on Saturday night.
Jen put on a feast. Jen and I unfortunately proceeded to get hammered and I
ended up boring everyone with bad stories that I couldn't string together
properly... what a loser! We woke up feeling a bit ropey but then I got this
crazy headache again that I got a few weeks ago - really not fun but I have
no excuses this time.
So, nothing new to tell really.
Looking forward to reading the blog, hearing more exciting adventures, and
seeing Robyn in only a few short days now!!
Lots of love, Ben x
ps, Rob, sometime this week could you reserve a table at the crown for
Friday night. Think Adam and Niamh want to join us too if that's ok. Jen and
I will be feeling awesome!!

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Yo Fam,

No news from any of you so we guess that’s good news. We have just
blogged a little bit, if you want to have a look. Istanbul is well good!
We are relying on internet cafes but there a re plenty of them. Send us
your news!!

Much luv ma & pa xxxxxxxxxxx =