Wed 11 May 2011 18:29
43:41.9N 28:34E Durankulak
Quick blog because we are in a very remote campsite, just over the Bulgarian border with the Black Sea on one side and a bird sanctuary on the other. No power so reliant upon sat phone and lap top battery.
We repacked the truck this afternoon putting everything back in itâs place after the very hasty reload job we did yesterday. One good thing, completely filled both tanks with Ukrainian diesel at 85p/litre so weâre good for about 1400 miles before we pay European prices again.
Also book our Turkish sailing holiday with Neil and Clare for the first week of June. Looking forward to kindred soles and warm weather sailing.
The sun is just going down in my eyes so canât really see what Iâm typing but I can say itâs lovely to be in a really quiet, beautiful, warm spot with no noise expect bird song.We might stay here for a couple of days to recharge our own batteries, but weâll see what sort of day it is tomorrow. Itâs nice to have the choice.

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