Metsovo, Sat 9 July 2011

Sat 9 Jul 2011 19:13
39:38 N   21:53 E
Metsovo, Pindos Mountains
This is a really great little town, a ski resort in the Pindos mountains.  It is busy!  there are kids riding bikes and skate boards around the village square, old chaps with worry beads and carved walking sticks, and families just enjoying the town.  old ladies wear a traditional felt costume with a big skirt with braid, black stockings, and a headscarf knotted behind the ears with long hair plaited hanging down the back.
We are in the Egnatia Hotel.  There is no campsite around here that we can find.  We offered 30 euros for a room and they grudgingly accepted (no breakfast) but they think we are Bulgarian, and we think they hate us.  Maybe it is because we have done our washing and hung it all over the room.  Not to worry.   Today has been really nice (lazy).  We did the town thing this morning – good art gallery with modern Greek painters, then drove up to the chair lift and made a picnic lunch overlooking the ski slopes, then home to paint.  There was a do going on in one of the restaurants tonight (a wedding?) with Turkish sounding music and people doing Zorba’s dance.  There are loads of restaurants but we ate alone in one of them and, in spite of the number of people in town, we think most people are not spending much money.