Monday Birgi

Sat 28 May 2011 12:35
38:15.4 N   28:04 E
Birgi is a totally unspoilt medieval village in the mountains.  Sandy had to fix the car but stef went off and met a family shearing a goat outside their house, and was introduced to the goatâs baby, before the family and goats disappeared back into the house.  We were shown around the mosque by the Imam, who lamented the fact that nobody studies the Quran any more.  We shopped in the old Madrassa (they are not used as madrassas in Turkey any more) and in the old bath house, a stone domed building, cool and cellar like, with shafts of sunlight coming through tiny pinprick windows in the roof.
On the drive out we were given potatoes in the market, and given our lunch by 3 ladies in a chai shop.  They were quite unusual for Turkey â acres of skin showing, tattoos, much makeup, and skin tight cropped tops and track pants, in a market area of teashops otherwise entirely frequented by old chaps.