Kapikiri/Heraklia, Wed 25 May 2011; we meet harpies and 6th form boys

Sat 28 May 2011 12:51
37:30 N   27:31.6 E
We were greeted in this lakeside village and ancient site by a group of traditionally dressed ladies who were the friendliest people you could hope to meet (or so we thought).....
They showed us down an impossible track to the Otopark (a 6 foot square space outside a house) and insisted we accompany them up the hill to the Amplitheatre.  There were 11 of them, one with a baby on her back.  Some were pretty old, and they scaled this hill like mountain goats.  Once they got us to the top  and we were perched on the ancient city wall with a 60 foot drop, all pretence of niceness disappeared and they turned into a flock of chattering, gesticulating harpies, determined we would not escape till we had bought numerous trinkets we didnât want (picture to follow).  50 lire later we escaped and shdot down the hill with the 11 of them in hot pursuit.  Fortunately another 3 tourists had appeared at the bottom so they turned their attention to these new victims.  We got back to the car and found we had really upset an old chap by driving over his pipe, and burst it.  We wonât be quite so naive again!
The rest of the day was spent in a pansiyon, being entertained by a group of 6th formers from a school on the Black Sea (with their RE teacher and chemistry teacher).  It sounds corny but there was a lot of dancing, the kids here are very rhythmic and love to shake their boobs.  There is loads of meaningful facial _expression_ and suggestion, even in a group of boys dancing in a circle!