update from Steph 1st April 2011

Fri 1 Apr 2011 19:04
Weâve done really well, we are now in Budapest and have come about 13oo miles.  We are in a quaint and weird campsite at Zuglieti, itâs in an old railway siding and we have just had dinner in the oldstation building, listening to a musician playing very warbly Tom Jones songs in Hungarian.  We went to an amazing museum today, the Museum of Terror.  It told in graphic detail of the Nazi occupation followed by the Soviet postwar occupation.  (and we have already been to the Dachau memorial site 3 days ago so we have had quite a taste of life under fascist regimes).  The building in the middle of Budapest was actually the HQ of the fascist Arrow Cross party, then after the war when the Soviets ousted them, the Russian occupation secret police.  There were horrible cells and interrogation rooms in the basement, and the Soviets werenât ousted until the 1980âs when democracy began. All you history graduates will know all this, but it has been a real eye opener to me and makes me very glad to be British & never to have suffered an occupation.   Iâm gonna attempt to send this now, and not type any more in case it all goes pear shaped.