Bush Camp at Jirlau

Tue 5 Apr 2011 14:17
45:10.01N 27:10.13E
Tonight is our first real bush camp.  We have driven through miles & miles of totally flat farmland, literally littered with litter and rubble all around the many small towns, but once you get away from towns it gets nicer and the very small villages look poor and quite drab but okay.  We didnât like the look of all this flat land for camping â one because itâs all under plough, and 2 because itis very open and weâd be totally conspicuous.  But weâve found a hilly bit where we can hide from the road, driven down a track, and onto the shore of a lake.  We bravely strolled up to the shepherd, his (?) wife & 2 little kids & tried to ask if we can stay on their land, they shrugged their shoulders a lot! So we got out our Google translate cards, which I think they couldnât read! and now we have camped anyway.  2 young guys have come and spoken to us, and (I think) wished us well â much hand shaking and saying âbunaâ, and the second one has just galloped away on his beautifully painted cart pulled by a very frisky horse.  Itâs now 5.15 & the tent is facing into the sun, so itâs time for a sundowner.  Wish us luck sending this!  (and on our first bush camp night!) xx

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