11/4/11 the implications become clear

Mon 11 Apr 2011 11:09
We call this part of the trip THE IMPLICATIONS BECOME CLEAR
Our surreal life in Ukraine continues!  We are still in Izmail.  We have realised that we are in for probably a total of 3 weeks here before we get our car back, so we are being philosophical.
Weâve had a couple of runs and (some) nice food.  Itâs quite meaty, which sandy likes.  I chose a soup on the menu that was delicious but, I realised, was a big bowl of salty cream.  So i didnât feel too good for  a while after.  The bortsch is lovely and vegetably, although salty.  Ucha (fish soup) is a kind of bouillon with lots of veg & fish chunks in it, quite plain, that makes a good meal with some bread.
Yesterday morning we found a massive market that happens every day but Monday (see pictures on the previous blog).  Itâs the most exciting thing weâve found in Izmail â bustling and noisy.  We bought a huge rucksack (Ukranian for rucksack is rucksack).  Thereâs an indoor food hall where people sell (I think) their home grown produce, lots of meat & prepared salads like coleslaw stuff, preserves, fragrant herbs, and crates of grown up chickens, & baby chicks & ducks.  You name it, this market has it.  Then out again, on to the grey streets!!
Today (Monday) weâve had a lot more help from the customs people, and the hotel.  We are going tonight on a 12 hour overnight bus trip to Kiev, to try to extend our Kazakhstan visas, which are going to run out before we can get there.  The sweet girl in Reception is taking our xs baggage to her house, & we are travellin light(er).  So the next blog should be from Kiev, which we are told is really cold (unlike here, where itâs just cold!)