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Fri 1 Apr 2011 16:49
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Second try but using WiFI not sat fone. Lets see. Anyway is miles out of date, weâre now in Budapest having spent the last two days in Vienna.
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Spent the day in Munich, visited Dachau which is obviously very distressing but interesting. I last visited the place in 1973 and it was very different then . Now, a very well visited site with hundreds of school parties etc from all over Europe and beyond. I remember it being very stark, now still very moving but more sanitised.
Spent the afternoon in Munich, beautiful, civilised City. 
Also bought some extra insulation for sleeping. Last night was bloody cold! Steph was under about 400 layers and was still freezing. Tonight we try again.
On the road tomorrow, truck going well, except AC packed in. Will get it sorted in Austria.