Ukraine. The big error

Sat 9 Apr 2011 13:19
Same Lat/Long
We have called this part of the trip THE BIG ERROR
In case you are considering it, NEVER try to enter Ukraine without declaring all your money.  You will end up like us, with your money & car confiscated and a whole lot of hassle.  You would also meet a lot of really nice people who, we believe, will try their very best to help you.  Like, for example, the lovely interpreter who lives in the town of Reni with his wife and delightful baby, whose spare room is currently full of all our camping gear; the customs boss at  Reni who kept us plied with cups of tea; the customs boss and her colleagues at Izmael who have driven us all over the place finding hotels and lawyers, and taken Stef for a sightseeing tour and beer!!
So our home is now the Premier Hotel in Izmael for a while.  If you zoom in on the last position you can see the hotel.  This town, and the weather, are grey.  View from our window is attached.  But we are keeping our spirits up reading, walking, running & studying Russian and Ukranian law.
Must dash, itâs time for exercise in the yard, then lots of mailbags to sew before light outxxm_DSC_0258m_DSC_0257

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