coffee bosnian style

Tue 2 Aug 2011 17:27
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While in Sarajevo we stayed in a cold, wet campsite with a nice restaurant that was perpetually empty.  We thought we would give them some custom and went in to order 2 beers, and were told there was no alcohol.  We asked if they would mind if we drank our own, and they said yes, that would be a problem.  The owner had decided on a no booze policy following fights!  But he served us lovely coffee bosnian style and went to great pains to explain how we should make it, and drink it:
To make the coffee, you boil the water, put the coffee in the copper jug, pour on the boiling water, and put the jug on a VERY gently heat till the coffee froths up, you get a black froth on the top.  Then you leave it to stand and pour.  You have to leave Bosnian (and Turkish and Greek) coffee to stand because it is so muddy.  You are supposed to eat the lokum (turkish delight or bosnian alternative) after the coffee.  I like it first.  Bosnian lokum is in my opinion not so nice as Turkish, it is not so rose-flavoured.

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