Medical Marvels

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Wed 10 Jun 2009 13:19
With all the drama with the passport we were very glad that Barry finally arrived and for the first few days we were having a lovely time , then....... Barry said he didn't feel well...... just a bug we thought ... but no within a day his whole face had blown to twice its normal size and some lovely friends of ours on Indian Summer diagnosed him with mumps!!!! , he,ll be fine in a day or two .... the reality was that he became very ill for over a week and if it wasn,t for the care and medical intervention of Dick and Lizzie he might have been carted off to the local hospital , but he did recover and gained back his strenght so with the arrival of his friend Brynly we set of from Granada to Carriacou , we spent a couple of days there swimming and snorkling and had dinner in a shack called Luckies which had the best chicken and ribs ever , the rum comes in little quart bottles that she fills with a funnel , it was just so carribean .
We moved on to Petit Martinique a very small island known for its smuggling activities , this is the place to fuel up and there are so many boats to and fro (smuggling ) there is a high turnover so the fuel is clean, we had a walk around and then we crossed the bay to petite st Vincent , just paradise White beaches , turquoise sea , everything you think of as just perfect . The boys snorkelled along the reef and brought back conch shells .
Just a short sail today to Union island where we had to check in with customs as we are now in a different counrty , St Vincent and the Grenadines , the reefs are really treacherous and dropping anchor in the bay did get a bit tricky , the guy next to us thought we were going to collide but a last minute manouver avoided any drama . we checked in and walked around , a very colourfull and quaint place , we went out to a tiny island ( about 30 mtere round ) where an enterprising guy has built a bar on the reef and we had a rum and coke , just great with everyone arriving by dingy
pictures will follow shortly when I get internet connection , too expensive to put photos over the sat phone ........
so time to make pancakes for breakfast and then off to Chatham bay ......