A stabbing and a fatal demise!!!!!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Sat 18 Oct 2008 17:46
We left La Gomera after a lovely time , we really enjoyed it there , we planned to go on the anchorage and the forcast was good , however , best laid plans and all that , as we were approaching the anchorage the wind started to blow and I mean really blow , got up to a steady 37 knots and then had seas to match !! we couldn,t really go back to the San Miguel Marina as we would be entering into a smallish area with high winds and seas so we decided to carry on to Santa Cruz ,the islands Capitol and biggest harbour , what a "little day sail " this was turning out to be ! we now estimated that we would get into the Marina at about 2 am , so much for a meal under the stars on a anchorage , but anyway we are sailors so we got on with it , bit then at 12-20 am , loud bang and the rope on the davit holding the dingy snapped , the enginge was dragging the dingy in the water and the big seas where lifting the dingy up and over the davits , Mark went and tried to sort it out and I tried to slow the boat down not easy in high winds and seas , then the davit  punctured the dingy , Then Mark shouted that he,d stabbed himself!!!, I couldn,t really help and I was holding the torch and holding the boat into the wind as I did,t want to have the boat turn and the dingy and engine go under the boat if the other rope snapped and then damage the rudder and propeller , after battling for what seemed ages , all the ropes were looking like damaging the hdrovane , the last rope snapped and the dingy floated off , we were really shocked , Mark had a nasty stab wound to his hand , and we had also lost nearly all our fenders which we keep securely tied in the dingy while we sail , anyway we arrived in Sant Cruz abour 3 am , filled in all our forms , had a cup of teaand fell into an exhausted sleep - minus one dingy , engine and 6 fenders ! moral of the story " never keep all your fenders in one boat!" 

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