Do we have the blues?

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Sat 29 Nov 2008 17:29
Yes we do !!!!! we have the Blue Beyond Blues band , we refuse to get disheartend that we have to make landfall early and not sail with the rest of the fleet , so this afternoon all the instruments came out , a guitar , an accordian , a sax and a mouth organ and we had a jammin session ! great fun and we are only 98 miles frmm the cape verdes.
We had some wildlife land on the boat in the night , quite a few flying fish , which robbie was able to play airoplanes with , kept him occupied for a while ! but also curiously , a cuttlefish , where did that come from ? didn't know they could jump!
On a more serious front the boys checked all their elaborate ropework which is keeping the mast up and it is doing a grand job . there was a bit on chafing on one rope which they have replaced , but it is all looking stable and we should make landfall hopefiully without any mishaps, We have contacted the marina and the rigger is expecting us ( thanks Jeremy for your help) and doesn't seem to think that this is anything he can't handle , so if we can get a quick turnaround we should be fine , but then we are talking boats and manyana!!!!!!
  our main sax man  Ray on the Blue Beyond Blues Band
Richards first ever loaf of bread , tasted delicious,
Robbie has a new toy ! it makes plane sounds and kept him occupied for hours !!!