Richards first fish!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 9 Dec 2008 22:14
We are searching in earnest for the trade winds ( doesn't that so exotic?) the winds are very light and we are nervous at using the engine , a first for us as we normally bang it on if we do less that 5 knots , but , we have never crossed an ocean before and who knows when we might need the fuel .
Everyone is settling into a good routine now and we are all getting enough sleep , supper last night cooked by richard was a lovely pork gumbo , hot and spicy , and today I managed to make two huge crusty loaves with my boys polished off while still hot  with a mountain of parma ham , cheese and a huge salad , with some fresh orange juice. 
Richard managed to catch a lovely Mahi Mahi , his first ever fish , Mark has devised a novel way of disposing of these fish , he wrapped it in tarpaulin ( saved especially for this) got hold of its tail and smashed it into the deck and killed it we have have supper sorted !
The three boys are all using the same toilet, and keeping all nice and clean, but one can't  avoid smells after each other so Robbie has now taken to prepping for the loo with a bandana wrapped around his face !!!!!!, I think air freshener would be easier but hey ho !
This is richards first fish!