Blue Beyond goes sailing ..On Her Own..

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 3 Mar 2009 13:25
We left the Jalousie plantation , but not before we had an early morning snorkle which was just outstanding , because we are in a Marine Park it is all protected and for very good reason , we saw all manner of fish and coral in impossibly clear water , even had a barracuda come near ( not my most favorite fish ) , just lovely.
Out Trip down to Veaux Fort was short and bouncy and we then had to find somewhere to anchor , not our most favorite activity , we opted for a sheltered area away from  the fish docks , it was very pretty , we were only two miles from the airport so we went ashore to find a taxi for the next day to take Gary and Kathryn to the airport . well, what a place this was, a real working town , poor , bustling , hot , smelly  , a taxi was duly organised and we did a bit of last minute shopping , Gary bought me a plant which I am really pleased with , much easier to look after than a dog!, we had our last game of euchre ( the boys were the champions ) and went to bed .
I woke in the night as the boat was rolling and lurching quite violently and woke Mark , it didn't take long to realise we had come adrift and were now two miles out at sea all hands on deck ..
Mark and Gary got the anchor up and we then had to come back in and re-anchor in the wind ,in the dark with reefs all round  us at 3 am ... so not funny..... anyway we managed , and then did the very british thing , we all sat and had a cup of tea .At least we were lal safe and hadn,t gone aground on a reef which easily could have happened if the wind was in another direction.
We said goodbye to Gary and Kathryn , sad to see them go we had such good fun , but we will see them in a month, our plan was to have a day to tidy up and then depart to Bequia , we took an afternoon stroll over to the main bay and as I have said this is not a tourist place , and we walked down the wrong road, pigs and goats running around  desparately poor shacks , we just braved it out and smiled at everyone who was coming out of their houses to look at us , anyway we survived but went back the main road way .....
We had now worked out how to set all the anchor alarms to alert us to our drifting and just as we got out of bed they went off , but , the anchor bouy had somehow become wrapped around the prop , so again we were now drifting , couldn't put on the engine , I managed to get hold of the anchor buoy with the boathook while mark was putting his flippers on and at the same time put my hand on the fishing rod and put the large hook right through my hand , this was not good , I had no time for my normal screaming and hi-sterics , we were in trouble , so I just pulled the hook out ( lots of blood)and Mark went in to un prop us , at last we could get the boat under control , we got the anchor up and came in again to re-anchor , but it wouldn,t hold so we tried again . and what is the worst than can happen? the windlass stopped working !
we now had to pull all the chain in by hand and a 50kg anchor , we were now well hacked off , hadn't even had a cup of coffee .., anyway all was pulled in and we had no choice now but to go back to Jalousie so as we could tie up to a bouy.
There are worse placed to be and it will make clearing customs and immigration easier than in Veaux Fort , as we would have had to go to the container port for customs and the airport to clear immigration , so hey ho
But, as if nature wanted to make up for a lousy morning the sunset this evening was one of the most spectacular we have seen , and with a beer and siting between the Pitons , life ain't that bad .......
fishing boats between the pitons .