'Dingy Diving'

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Mon 9 Mar 2009 18:14
"13:00.7N ,61:15.10W"
Well as you can see we have actually moved on to another island, we are now in Bequia , a beatiful island south of St Vincent , we didn't stop in St Vincent as there are still Pirates . we had a lovely trip here really good sailing although crossing the St Vincent straits was a little bouncy , we entered the bay and anchored quite nicely off the beach , lots of yachts here . We had a little wander ashore and it is really pretty , we visited the museum and how funny was that, it was a small room with some model s and photos , we had to pay about £6 to get in , but a great guy with a pointer showed us each photo and read us the script underneath, he couldn't answer any of our questions but he was a model boat maker and some of the boats there were ones he had made, they were exquisite, he told us he had met the queen in1985 , it was all very charming , without his guidance we would have been in and out in 30 seconds !
The n ext day we went ashore again for some shopping and to take the rubbish , we met up with Saskia , Simon and Jenny who we did the ARC with and they invited us over to the boat for a coffee , it wa great to catch up with them and they gave us all the imformation about where to go and what to do ( the island is only 7 miles square , so not a lot!)we left them with arrangments to meet for happy hour in Jacks Bar , as we headed out into the channel , doing a fair speed the boat hit something under the water or caught a rope , we are not sure which brought the dingy to an immdediate stop , this swung the dingy around and the nose dived into the water and nearly tipped over , it definately tipped me over !!! I was now hanging on with my feet in the air and my head under water, scared in case the engine was still running , I was then swept completely under the dingy , when I came up spluttering , I managed to hang on to the side of the dingy Mark had managed to stay in the dingy ( of course ) but now we were floating in the channel with a ferry coming towards us and I had to get back in the dingy , not easy , but through absolute fear of sharks ( always) and the ferry I scrambled in , I had started the day in a pretty dress and my new oakley sunglasses , now I was a bedraggled mess and my glasses had been swept off , we started the engine and got back to the boat , we still don't know what happened as we did come to a violent stop, but we survived. 
We had Saskia and Pelican some great American guys over for dinner last night and two local lads Tony and Yello( don't know why he is called that) as we had had such a rock and rolley night on the anchor that we hadn't been able to sleep so these guys pulled some string and brought us right into the bay on a mooring bouy, we had a great night .
Now the american know how to do breakfast, we we guests on Pelican , Bill and Cathy and we started off with bloody Mary's  and then burriitos and then iced coffee , bit of a shock to learn the marys had vodka in them and it was only 10am .........., but hey ho , it is all going well.........
     taken 15 minutes before I was tossed out of the dingy , were those glasses just the best?
 Cathy , Jenny and me
 Mark , Simon , Tony , Bill and Yello.