figura de foz

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 19 Jun 2008 14:37


“39:21N 09:22W


We have left figura de foz which was fun we had a lovely welcome with sardines and a bbq , explored the town and the nightlife in the casino and enji=oyed the party on bali hai , its is a bit misty and we are now heading into a combination of fleets of fishing boats and thick thick fog , luckily we have scot free and sea lion very close so as we make a bigger target on others radar and we all have our radar on , fiog horns blowing and someone on the bow doing a lobster pot watch . we are  ehading to penich which is a small fishing port , we have good weather in paniche ,a small reception in the town hall and a day to do repairs and rest , we lost a pin out of our vang and this bent the main pin and Mark and ray went to a little workshop behind the lifeboat shed and used there vice to straighten it out . Anja and Tigger managed to lose a halyard up the mast so the mast monkey had to go up and retrieve , I think he loved every second , last evening in peniche was a few drinks in a little bar with some ralliers and then a drink on seraphina to welcome Bev and Ray back and then an early night

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