Dangerous Liasions in the bedroom!!!!!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 30 Oct 2008 16:36
Up early today to make our way to Gran Canaria so as we can get settled in nicely before our crew arrive . We had everything stowed away and Mark was untying the ropes , all was going very well , until I tried to start the engine, nothing! Mark tried to wiggle the connectors and we tried everything , but we weren,t going anywhere .
We managed to get an engineer out later ( actually within ½ hour of our call ) he looked under our bed at the service batteries and they were on the verge of exploding ! And that certainly isn,t the sort of fireworks I want in my bedroom!, the 12 volt battery charger had over charged them and this had fried our starter motor.
This could only have happened since La Palma as the engineer checked them then when we had problems with our domestic batteries and said they were absolutely fine . So we now have to wait until a new starter motor can be shipped here , probably at the end of the week . So all we can do is wait , it is a nice Marina and there are lots of little jobs we can do while we are here and of course there are always the shops……..!

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