Who,s nicked the wind ?

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 9 Dec 2008 22:15
How can we be in the middle of the Atlantic ( and we are very nearly at the middle point) and have no wind ? as we are so far behind everyone still , well at least a day we can,t hear all the gossip on the ssb radio , but if we are all experiencing the same light airs everyone must be just bobing!
I caught my first fish today a lovely Mahi Mahi and it was puffickally huh-yooge!!! will do a lovely curry for tomorrows supper , the boys had fishcakes and sweet chilli sauce for lunch to use up yesterdays fish  and todays supper is good old pie mash and peas, real comfort food .
apart from the constant sail changes today to try and get the most out of what little wind there is it has been a relaxing day but incredibly hot , the hottest yet, we are even starting to complain about it !
tonight being a Saturday ( well we think it is a Saturday ) we are having a movie night , up on deck with toffee popcorn and coke , I suggested Bridget Jones , but I am so out numbered I just know it will be war or a western , I.ll have by own little movie show deep into the night for my daily fix of "sex in the city " help my watch go quicker and yes it is appalling seamanship , but really there is literally nothing for miles around!
Yep I am right right its a war film!!!! hey ho
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