Visitors from a far away land!

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 18 Nov 2008 16:24
We are getting into to full on preparations now for the ARC, the whole place is buzzing with a 1000 yachties all flying around getting their boats repaired , we are well ahead of the game , but we are still having problems connecting the computor to the ssb so as we can downlaod the weather , we are missing an essential cable , it can be fixed but an enormous costs ( as always)
We had the best day last week when our friend Keith and Carol sailed into the port on a cruise ship , they know how to do it in style ! no soggy trousers and flapping sails for them! , we met for a long leisurely lunch and the Keith had a surgery and they returned in the evening for the arc welcome party , we had lots of fun and caught up on all the gossip , They sailed out of the port at 11-30 of to other lands.
Lunch was lovely , the compony better!
party time!