Santa Cruz

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 30 Oct 2008 16:35
“28’40,04N 17’46,00W”
Santa Cruz is a lovely city very lively and bustling ,and I took the opportunity to go shopping as it is a rare treat to have a proper shopping centre and even better to have a fully fledged real department store on 7 floors!
We hired a car for the day so as we could explore the island as there is a huge volcano, El Tiede at about 3570 ft and we wanted to see it , on our way there we passed a dingy workshop and whizzed in to see if they could help us with a new dingy , but the only one that they had suitable was too small , they said they could order one for us but it could take 3 weeks to arrive which is cutting it too fine we didn‘t want to be in the position of paying for it upfront and then it not arrive until after we have left for St Lucia
. Anyway we proceeded up and up towards this volcano and then passed through the cloudline , still up and up , the scenery changed very dramatically from pine forest to lunar landscape . We reached the bottom of the volcano and then took a cable car up to the top , all very spectacular but we both felt quite ill at the top because of the high altitude , but we were glad we did it . We raced back to Santa Cruz and stopped at hipermarket as we had the car to start our serious provisioning for the Crossing , We then had friends Trevor and Maggie for a pasta supper and had a very enjoyable evening.
We spent all day on Wednesday finding locker and recording the whereabouts of provisions, a very productive day , our dutch friends Poll and Kyra had invited us out to dinner as it was Polls birthday ( he wouldn’t tell us which one!)and they found a fantastic restaurant which served authentic Canarian food , we had such a feast , we both agreed that it was possibly the best meal we had had since leaving Portugal and the company was great another really enjoyable evening.

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