Santa Lucia

Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Tue 9 Dec 2008 22:17
Santa Lucia
This is the name we have christened the last of our egrets , she is very fiesty and has chased the other four off the boat , now she is VERY comfortable around the boat striding up and down peering in the hatches , very sweet ....
we are having another good days sailingsafter a very quiet night , Richard and I had a very strange phenominom on our watch in the night, we saw a " Moonbow" A rainbow in the dark illuminated by the moon , a bit hard to describe but very beautifull.  
another relaxed afternoon in the sun , the boat was salmost sailing herself , just one little rainshower which sent us all scurrying for cover ..
The boys have had a good supper , they had huge burgers in a large homemade bread roll with spicy wedges and then treacle sponge pudding and custard , everyone is on a diet when we reach St Lucia , provisions are going well , we are on the last of our fresh veg , the fruit has all gone bar the lemons , we have some cucumbers and tomatoes left , just running a bit low on biscuits and cereal , so I made some flapjacks for this afternoons cuppa , we are still in very good spirits and there is lots of laughter but we are all a bit fixated on the wind and boat speed , and we are counting the days to landfall .
Robbie keeping his cool........( have I just ruined his street cred?)