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Blue Beyond , The adventure begins.
Mark and Maxine Frost
Thu 15 Jan 2009 15:10
We are really enoying St Lucia , it really is a fabulous place , on Sunday we gave ourselves a day off ... we took the dingy over to Pigeon island and on the way we came across our very first Turtle sice we have been here , we had a lovely day swimmimg and had a delicious picnic on the beach . there is a lovely rustic thatched restaurant there and we learned that there was a jazz band playing that evening so we went back to the boat showered and returned for dinner , another boat Morgan Le Fay arrived as well so we all had a very pleasant evening together , but the band was awful!!!
Mark has been busy working out a way of lifting the dingy onto the davits where it will be safe and we won,t have a problem like last time , he has come up with great solution so we need not worry about it while we are travelling .
We heard some facinating facts about St Lucia , there is a small town not very far away call Anse Le Rey and they still believe in voodoo and obeah , the main man is the Snake Man who has a liscence to kill boa constrictors who are very prevelent in the rainforest and extract the poison and render the fat down to make into potions to cure all ills , apparently if you ask for directions to his shack he is more than happy to diagnose any illness and cure you for a small fee !! this is so tempting just for the expecience...dare I ?...... 
We are now moving out of the marina and going on Anchor tonight and then tomorrow we are off to Martinique  which is only 24 miles away , so just a short sail away , but the weather has been a bit unsettled in the last few days and very very windy , so the weekend looks better for sailing, Marinique here we come.....
The end of a lovely day on Pigeon Island .